“Twenty Summers shouldn’t, technically, exist at all. Twenty Summers takes place in an historic barn at the end of an obscure little street, on top of a hill, reached by way of a narrow dirt path.

And yet, Twenty Summers has been packing them in since its first season, in 2014. People find the obscure street, people climb the little path, for the poetry and music, the art and conversation.

It makes sense, in its nonsensical way, in Provincetown, which has always maintained only a passing acquaintance with that which is technically impossible.

Art, however, will always be on the endangered species list, even as it continues to demonstrate its necessity to the human ecosystem. Even as people seek it out in remote and challenging places.

Thank you for supporting Twenty Summers. Thank you for whatever you’re doing to help keep its lights on, the lights at the top of a hill; the lights that demonstrate, for a month every summer, the ongoing life of our shared desire to know, to consider, to feel more than we’re technically supposed to.”

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Living history. Magnificent light. Four weeks of music, ideas, and art on the tip of Cape Cod. Here at Twenty Summers, we’re honored to say that the Hawthorne Barn–whose artistic legacy made Provincetown the creative mecca it is today–has been our home for four successful seasons, presenting concerts, conversations, artist residencies, and more during our month-long festival. In our continued mission to preserve that legacy and keep it accessible to the public, we’re planning our fifth, but it’s also time for us to reach further and do more.

As we approach year five in May 2018 we plan to bring even more innovative programming to Provincetown and a greater number of events throughout the month, while continuing to offer accessible ticket prices to the community and also enlarging our a video archive, continuing to make our events available to anyone with Internet access.

Our nonprofit is small, powered by a passion for arts and culture, dependent on individual and institutional donors, in-kind contributions, and volunteers to sustain us and to help us grow. We strive to offer Provincetown fresh programs available nowhere else on Cape Cod, in a decidedly intimate space. More than ever, we believe in the essential nature of intellectual exchange; the balm and inspiration of music; the power of a community of people gathered under the raftered roof of a barn that’s withstood the harshest of winters for over a century.

We hope you will support our efforts today.


Donate: Make an online donation through PayPal. We also welcome donations via mail at P.O. Box 864, Provincetown, MA 02657.

In-Kind Contribution: Support our lodging, transportation, and catering needs during the season by donating a room at your hotel, inn or private residence; provide us with gift cards or catering from your shop or restaurant; or contribute ad space, event space, or other useful services. Email if interested in partnering with us for the 2018 season.

Sponsor Us: Corporate sponsorship packages are available at varying levels and give you access to our wonderfully diverse audience base, both in-person and online. Email for more information.

Volunteer: We are always looking for talented volunteers to lend their skills throughout the year, especially during the month of events. Learn more here, or email to join our team!

We are deeply grateful for your support and can’t wait for Season Five!

-Josh, Ricky, Julia, and Camille