Our 2016 season of concerts and conversations concluded on June 11, but our new podcast is now live. Each week we'll post a new episode, featuring audio from one of our events. Listen now to a conversation with Garance Doré in our first episode. Guests in future episodes will include feminist icon Naomi Wolf, musician Stephin Merritt, Supreme Court plaintiff Edith Windsor, Red Sox advisor Bill James (of Moneyball fame), actor Jim True-Frost, and many more.

100 Years of Light

In 1907, Charles Webster Hawthorne, the 35-year-old son of a sea captain, built a barn-like studio on a sandy bluff in Provincetown on the tip of Cape Cod. Hawthorne was an Impressionist painter. And he turned the barn into the Cape Cod School of Art–the first in America to hold outdoor sessions.

Getting to the Barn

Free parking for our events is available in the lot at the corner Harry Kemp Way and Howland Street, from which it's a short, 12-minute walk to the Barn. Please note that under no circumstances should you drive your car on Miller Hill Road Familiarize yourself with the directions and let us know if you have any questions.

Watch Our Video Introduction

We put together a brief video introducing the Barn, its history, and our organization, Twenty Summers. Sean Gannett produced and directed the film. We hope you enjoy it. You can watch here or on Vimeo.

What People Are Saying

Several publications and news outlets have featured stories about Twenty Summers and the Barn, which NPR has called "part of the foundation of American art history." Learn more about our organization and what others have had to say about it.