Ken Fulk

Monday, May 28–Friday, June 1

Open Studio: Thursday, May 31, 6:00–8:00 p.m. Free - RSVP

Ken Fulk is a designer of experiences big and small. He is renowned for his layered interiors, high-concept brand identities and over-the-top parties. The Virginia-born designer has spent the last 25 years developing a business elevating the daily lives of his clients, not only designing their homes, jets, restaurants and hotels but also directing their birthdays, weddings, anniversaries and family getaways.

Leading a team of 60 architects, designers, branding and event specialists in both San Francisco and New York, Fulk has expanded his impact around the globe. In addition to current residential work from Mexico to Miami and Provence to Provincetown, Ken Fulk is making his mark in New York with three new restaurants including an aesthetically minded coffee company and the highly anticipated Legacy Records restaurant and bar at Henry Hall in Hudson Yards.



Provincetown is a place that makes me blissfully happy. For 25 years I have spent as much time as possible here with my husband and our beloved dogs. Since buying a home here more than a decade ago, P-town has become our full-time retreat. I'm so moved by the history of this tiny village, where the romance of the landscape and free spirit of the community inspired generations of artists to find their own unique voice. I can never fully express this to friends and colleagues, which is why I implemented a "Design in the Dunes" creative retreat for my senior design team. We will bask in the rich history of Hawthorne Barn, with daily exercises that explore how painting, performance and poetry can influence and enhance our design work.

When you are in the business of making magic happen for your clients, it's imperative that some of the sparkle land on the magic-makers!