Dar Williams Select Songs: "Iowa," "The Christians And The Pagans," "When I Was A Boy"

Singer-songwriter, performing artist, and author, Dar Williams, joined us for a solo concert in the Hawthorne Barn on May 26, 2018, where she shared her music from her extensive collection of folk tunes, along with stories from her many journeys and experiences. Below you can watch select songs, "Iowa," "The Christians And The Pagans," and "When I Was A Boy."

Bedouine Select Songs: "Solitary Daughter," "One Of These Days," "Louise"

Syrian-born, Los Angeles-based songstress Azniv Korkejian, known onstage as Bedouine, performed in the Hawthorne Barn on June 15, 2018, sharing her modernized take on sixties folk and an arsenal of beautiful songs, including the songs 'Solitary Daughter,' ‘One Of These Days,’ and ‘Louise’ from her debut album.